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ActingCampbell's first television appearance was at the age of six, in an episode in of the PBS show The Big Blue Marble. As a child, she won many talent shows, going on to appear in such children's programs as Kids Are People Too, Unicorn Tales, and Captain Kangaroo. At age 18, she performed in the musical feature film, Little Shop of Horrors as Chiffon, one of The Supremes like girl group Greek Chorus, along with future Martin co star, Tichina Arnold. After graduating from the Arts High School in Newark, she moved to Hollywood, where she became a star on the short lived NBC musical comedy-drama series, Rags to Riches ( –88). She later starred in the musical comedy drama film School Daze as Jane Toussaint, directed by Spike Lee. In 1989, Campbell costarred in the crime film Rooftops, and the following year starred alongside Eddie Murphy in the action comedy Another 48 Hrs.. She later appeared in an supporting role in the 1992 romantic comedy Boomerang starring Murphy. Her most notable film credit is 1990 comedy House Party for which she received Independent Spirit Award for Best Supporting Femalenominatio…

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Tisha Campbell-Martin, Actress: Martin. Tisha Campbell's first TV appearance was at the age of 8, on episode # of the PBS show The Big Blue Marble ( ). The show featured stories on the life and culture of children from around the world. In her segment, Tisha was shown playing with her brother, going to school with her mother who was also her voice coach, and singing at a jazz ...

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Roscoe: An antagonistic child with a perpetually runny nose and a very smart mouth, who can be considered Gina's arch-enemy (similar to Martin and Pam's rivalry). Lawrence played the role by standing on his knees, with shoes attached to his kneecaps. Roscoe only appears once during the first, fifth and final season.

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Who played gina's father on the martin show? Answer. Wiki User April 25, PM. John smith. Related Questions . Asked in TV Shows and Series, Comedy TV Shows Who played Father Jack in the ...

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Who is gina's mom on martin? Answer. Wiki User April 08, PM. Nothing. Related Questions . Asked in Business & Finance Meaghan Martin does she have a boyfriend? no she doesn't meaghan ...

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Gina Martin was a minor recurring character in the third season. She was portrayed by Leah Gibson and debuted in Wanheda (Part 1). Gina was one of the residents of Arkadia and went on supply runs She was portrayed by Leah Gibson and debuted in Wanheda (Part 1).

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After that, she coincidentally played Martin Lawrence’s wife in the film, Wild Hogs, starred as the hilarious Rochelle on “Everybody Hates Chris,” and just finished the first season of the

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Gina's best friend Pam was Martin's archenemy. They cracked jokes on each other in nearly every episode: "Pam, your hair is so nappy Wilson couldn't pick it."

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Meet the cast and learn more about the stars of of Martin with exclusive news, photos, videos and more at

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· With Martin Lawrence, Tisha Campbell-Martin, Thomas Mikal Ford, Carl Anthony Payne II. Sassy sitcom centering on radio and television personality Martin Payne. Series focuses on his romantic relationship with girlfriend Gina, her best friend Pam and escapades with best friends Tommy and Cole.

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Regina "Gina" Payne (née Waters) (bron may 12 ) is silly, optimistic, occasionally misbehaved, forgiving, and eternally romantic. Gina works for a public -relations firm. Gina is disliked by Martin's mother and Sheneneh. People claim that Gina has a big head. Gina appears for a short time in

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HSK Exclusive – Martin and Gina may have been a popular on screen television couple, but insiders say the pair who played the leading ‘Martin’ characters also lived an off screen romance as well. Sources reveal that’s why Martin Lawrence’s deep feelings for Tisha Campbell quickly turned to jealousy after Campbell became engaged to Duane Martin.

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According To Tisha Campbell-Martin, Tommy From 'Martin' Actually Had A Real Life Job March 11, - pm by Camille Augustin TWITTER Over twenty years later and fans of the groundbreaking ...

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Duane Martin and Tisha Campbell thought their love was a match made in heaven. By Hollywood ‘s standards, it was. Married August 17, , the couple transcended the norm for celebrity marriages

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· What's the women's name that played Gina's mother on the show Martin?

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Gina Kincaid is a principal character on Beverly Hills, She is portrayed by Vanessa Marcil. Gina is a former Olympic-hopeful ice skater working in a touring ice show when she first arrives in Los Angeles. Prior to her arrival in Beverly Hills, she was long believed to be the cousin of Donna Martin.

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· Martin Lawrence as Bob from the Research Department then Marketing from the show Martin. One of my absolute favorite characters that Martin did on the show and in complete DVD quality.

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· Tisha Campbell, Carl Payne, and Tichina Arnold, who played Gina, Cole, and Pam, respectively, on the Fox sitcom, posed for a photo at a memorial service for Ford, which Arnold later shared on

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The outrageous '90s comedy derived a lot of flavor from its peripheral characters, many of them played by star Martin Lawrence.

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· The cast of "Martin" is back together -- just for a steak lunch, for now -- but it could be for a reboot of their popular '90s sitcom very soon based on the smiles on their faces.

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Well, the wait is over. During a Bossip podcast interview, Tisha Campbell-Martin, who played Gina on the show, described the episodes that shed light on what Tommy did for a living; then she dropped the bombshell about what his job actually was. "Tommy really did have a job; I'll give you a hint," Campbell-Martin said. "The woman I was gonna fight, she was Martin…

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Other Roles Played By Lawrence. One of the trademarks as well as running gags of Martin, especially early in its run, was Lawrence playing multiple characters, utilizing various costumes and prosthetic Four was the last season to feature Lawrence as multiple characters on a regular basis.

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· who played gina waters mother on martin tv show?

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Regina "Gina" Waters-Payne is a main character on the FOX TV series Martin. The part of Gina is played on the series by Tisha Campbell. Martin's more level-headed, longsuffering better half, girlfriend and later his wife. Gina works for a public-relations firm. Tisha Campbell left the series in

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· Tommy Ford-- who famously played Tommy on the '90s sitcom "Martin" -- is on life support at an Atlanta hospital after an aneurysm ruptured in his abdomen his wife tells TMZ. Ford has been ...

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· The mystery around Tommy’s employment was solved earlier this year, when Tisha Campbell-Martin (who played Gina on the show) revealed the origins to the gag on Bossip’s “Don’t Be Scared

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· Episode 2, “Really, Gina Is Not My Lover” The episode is about Martin attending his 10th anniversary class reunion. Many people can relate to this episode because you are reuniting with people that you were friends with, and people you hate.

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Children: Gina Payne Other: Unnamed mother or mother-in-law Louis (Sister or sister-in-law) Sarah (sister or sister-in-law) In-laws: Martin Payne (son-in-law) Nadine Waters is the mother of Gina. She likes Martin & Pam. When she was young she used to do the Funky Chicken. The women who played as Nadine also played as Harriett on Family Matters

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'Martin' ran on FOX for five successful seasons. The shows main characters had audiences in continuous laughter but so did the side characters played by Martin Lawrence himself.

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Campbell-Martin, who played “Gina” on the hit show, has also returned to the music scene. On Thursday (February 1), she released a new single, “I Don’t Wanna Be Alone” featuring Rich The

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On Thursday, TMZ caught up with three of the original cast members of the '90s sitcom: Martin Lawrence, who played the titular character Martin Payne; Tisha Campbell-Martin, who played his girlfriend Gina; and Tichina Arnold, who played Gina's best friend, Pam.

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Martin chronicled the life of radio DJ turned talk show host, Martin Payne, as he navigated love and life with his love, Gina Waters, and their close circle of friends in Detroit. While the main characters were loved, it was the varying side characters that Martin created and played himself that would become audience favorites. The characters

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Although played by Martin Lawrence himself, he was able to give her a personality that even Tyler Perry couldn't provide Madea with. Her dislike for Gina and Pam often led to many hilarious confrontations in the hallway. Martin was too good for Gina according to Sheneneh and she was willing to bet that she was woman enough for him. She owned

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· The main characters are he and his intelligent, down-to-earth girlfriend Gina, her snobby, smart-mouthed best friend, Pam, and Martin's best friends, Cole and Tommy. In this season, we see the gang share a Jeep, Martin and Gina go at it on live radio, Jerome and Pam date, Martin become angry because Gina makes more money than him, and so much more!

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Martin is a sassy sitcom centering on a radio-and-television personality named Martin Payne. The series focuses on Martin's romantic relationship with girlfriend Gina Waters, his job changes from

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With Vin Diesel’s remake series of Miami Vice currently in the works, we thought it would be fitting to shed some light on the cast of the classic ’80s series and reveal what they are doing now with their lives.. There is no doubt that Don Johnson’s lead role as Sonny Crockett played a huge part in Miami Vice‘s success.A Vietnam veteran turned undercover detective worked alongside

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Sheneneh Jenkins is a fictional character on Martin. Sheneneh was played by Martin Lawrence. A stereotypically flashy Detroit "ghetto girl," she is owner/operator of Sheneneh's Sho' Nuff Hair Salon, whom Lawrence played in drag. Mama Payne and Sheneneh were the only two characters Lawrence played as women on the show, and both characters hated Gina. Though Sheneneh is awkwardly tall and thick

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Gina On Empire – Three Black Divas, Tisha Campbell Martin Gina from Martin aka Tisha Campbell Martin appeared on episode 11 of Empire ‘s fourth season, “ Without Apology .” Gina plays Brooke, a member of the group, Three Black Divas.

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Watch Martin - Season 3, Episode 23 - Girlfriend: Gina's conceited college friend comes to town. She's so offensive that Martin and Pam call a truce in their never ending

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· "Martin" star Tisha Campbell-Martin has filed for divorce from her husband of 22 years. Tisha, who played Martin Lawrence's wife in the '90s hit, filed divorce docs in L.A. Thursday against her

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Gina Seddon is the daughter of Eddie and Elsie Seddon, younger sister to Sally Seddon, ex-wife of Colin and Donnie and mother of two children whom she had with Colin. Gina was brought up by her abusive father Eddie Seddon and mother Elsie Seddon alongside her sister Sally. Into her teenage years Gina became more mischievous, taking issue with her father's overprotective and abusive ways

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The show starred Martin Lawrence, Tisha Campbell-Martin, Thomas Mikal Ford, Tichina Arnold and Carl Anthony Payne II, who have all agreed to return to the remake – minus one familiar face. Tisha Campbell-Martin will not reprise the role of Gina Waters, instead handing over the reigns to R&B singer Ashanti.


· “Prayers up! @BigTommyFord, who played Tommy on Martin. His wife, Gina, says he's on life support after suffering an aneurysm in his stomach”

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Donna Martin is a principal character on Beverly Hills, She is portrayed by Tori Spelling. Donna is an easy-going, good-spirited character with a rational, occasionally bold personality. She is introduced as a student of West Beverly High, and was born to John and Felice Martin


About. Actress who became known for playing the logical mother of reason, Janet Marie, on the TV series My Wife and also played the lead character, Gina, on Martin from to , and she portrayed Miss Reznick in the 2011 TV movie Lemonade Mouth. Before Fame


John Mahoney, who played cranky dad Martin Crane on 'Frasier,' dies at 77 File: Actor John Mahoney attends the 55th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards at the Shrine Auditorium September 21, in Los


RIP MISS GERI (FROM THE HIT SHOW MARTIN). likes. Ms. Geri (portrayed by Jeri Gray): A tough, trigger-happy senior who, regardless of her age and diminutive size, has no qualms about "whoopin'...


· She currently resides in Oklahoma City, OK. Actress who became known for playing the logical mother of reason, Janet Marie, on the TV series My Wife and Kids. She also played the lead character, Gina, on Martin from to 1997 and she portrayed Miss Reznick in the 2011 TV movie Lemonade Mouth.

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